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Booked and Balanced - Charlene Raikany, CPA

Charlene Raikany, CPA

The finance partner your business always needed

I love helping management understand their financials. At the end of the day, a business will only go as far as its people. I don’t just hand you over your financials and do half of the job, I explain every material item so that you are empowered to make decisions on next steps. I want to help you grow your business, train your staff, create a policy and procedures manual, help you create a reimbursement policy, help you find the right benefits for your company, help you hire, help you manage overhead, create a budget, variance reporting, forecast, and everything you would need your Controller or CAO to do. Let’s get your financials cleaned up and ready for anything that comes your way!

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The Case for Hiring Booked and Balanced

Why a Freelance Controller or Accountant Could Work For You

In recent history, the economy has seen drastic changes in reshaping the way we do business and redefining the workplace. Remote work progressively became the norm as it cut costs for many businesses and allowed the worker flexibility. More and more skilled laborers are working as freelancers, either remotely or onsite. This new and thriving way of work is not only a benefit to the freelancer but for the hiring company as well.

Cost Savings

Although you might technically pay a higher rate for my freelance work, you’ll ultimately save 20-30% when you don’t need to cover the cost of a full-time employee’s benefits and payroll tax.

Turnover Mitigation

A freelancer does not collect unemployment or worker’s compensation, minimizing motivation to separate from the company. The risk of a lawsuit for damages also decreases if the relationship discontinues.

High Quality of Work

As a freelancer, I need my employers as much as they need me. This mutual benefit ensures that I offer higher work quality to maintain the relationship.

Hourly Compensation

Instead of paying a salary, you’ll only pay when I get work done for you. I develop an efficient, streamlined process for all my clients so you’re guaranteed to get your money’s worth of my time spent.

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Our Services

  • Oversight & training of the accounting team, if one already exists
  • Organizing staff roles; hiring and dismissal as needed (HR function)
  • Monthly close
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Budget and variance reporting
  • Manage all accounting operations, including financial reporting, GL, project billings, budgeting, financial planning, treasury, revenue recognition, internal controls, AR, AP, etc.
  • Complimentary subscription to QuickBooks® online OR Sage Intacct®

That’s just scratching the surface. If you’re brave…

Check out the unabbreviated list of my responsibilities

  1. Training of the accounting department
  2. Oversight of the accounting team
  3. Organizing staff roles; hiring and dismissal as needed
  4. Oversee complete accounting function (including payroll entries, billing, A/P, A/R)
  5. Monthly close
  6. Preparation of financial statements
  7. Budget
  8. Variance reporting
  9. Forecasting revenues
  10. Monitor and analyze expenditures
  11. Project analysis
  12. Ad-Hoc projects (as needed)
  13. Cost accounting
  14. Coordinate and manage (with external CPA-if needed) on all audits (employee benefits & financial)
  15. Assist external CPA firm with preparation of all local and federal tax filling and reporting requirements
  16. Evaluating and managing risk
  17. Ensure compliance with regulatory departments
  18. Work closely with management to provide financial insight
  19. Implement and improve policies and procedures
  20. Monthly meetings with management team to discuss financials and budget variances.
  21. Weekly accounting staff meetings to organize work and employee time management

“Don’t ever let your business get ahead of the financial side of your business. Accounting, accounting, accounting. Know your numbers.”

– Tillman J. Fertitta